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Han Pham Hulen, MD, ABPM / UHM

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Hulen is a 13-year veteran in the field of wound care and hyperbaric medicine but began her career in infectious disease medicine at UT Southwestern Medical Center where she completed her fellowship in infectious diseases / HIV medicine in 2007. After transitioning full-time into wound care and hyperbaric medicine, she founded Wound Integrity (a full-service wound care physician organization) in 2008 and eventually co-founded Wound Sync in 2018 as well as Wound Evolution in 2020 with her husband, Scott Schmidly. Since January 2021, Dr. Hulen has assumed a new role as the CEO of her new wound care provider team, Freedom Wound Physicians, which exclusively staffs hospital-based outpatient wound care centers and / or third party based independent wound care centers. Despite this new role, she remains as the Chief Medical Officer of Wound Sync where she will have clinical as well as operational oversight over Wound Sync’s contracted hospital-based and / or independent clinic-based wound care programs. Dr. Hulen is currently triple board certified in the fields of internal medicine, infectious disease medicine, and undersea / hyperbaric medicine but solely practices full time wound care and hyperbaric medicine. In her spare time, Dr. Hulen enjoys traveling with her husband Scott, spending time with her stepdaughters, Hannah and Kate, going to the spa, and exercising at Pure Barre in Addison, TX.