Physician-centered care. Patient-centered focus.

Synchronizing the practice of wound care and hyperbaric medicine

Wound Sync, LLC

Originally founded in 2018 by Han Pham Hulen, MD, was borne out of necessity.

Dr. Hulen’s wound care physician group began to staff a growing number of hospital-based outpatient wound care centers. Her physician-affiliated organization unveiled gaps in wound care operations between hospitals and physicians, hospitals and outsourced management companies, and physicians and management companies.

To synchronize the practice of wound care and health care operations, Wound Sync was founded as a “physician-centric” management service organization that supports outpatient wound care clinics (hospital based and independent models) with appropriate resources and guidelines allowing for best practices in wound care and hyperbaric medicine while developing other key services such as vascular surgery whether in the hospital or private sector.

Wound Sync is about placing the provider first in order to serve patients first. We are driven by quality outcomes and a value-based practice. Contact us for more information on how our management services may help you drive better care in your wound care and hyperbaric medicine programs.

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