Assets. Approach. Alignment.

Know Your


Understand The


Choose To


The three “A’s”

Why are these three “A’s” so important?

In order to have a successful, comprehensive wound care and hyperbaric medicine center, every hospital or organization needs to first know their ASSETS: the wound care center, the providers, the clinical supporting staff, the equipment, and the available supplies to take care of patients. By recognizing that each of these components comprise an important “spoke” of the wheel that sets patient care in motion, hospitals will then be able to understand Wound Sync’s operational APPROACH.

For Wound Sync, we value the knowledge that a well-trained provider brings into the wound care center. We focus on hiring tenured and top-notch physicians or advanced practitioners who commit to wound care as a primary career and then ensure that we surround them with the appropriate tools and guidelines to excel. With a knowledgeable wound care provider, we are able to ensure patients receive the most aggressive care to ensure faster healing times. Our APPROACH includes:

Once results are shared, our hospitals (or vendor partners) may then choose to ALIGN with our team allowing us to assist with the provider recruitment and placement followed by wound care management services. Our management services are based on quality-based metrics which ALIGN with current Medicare’s goals for providers to practice value-based medicine.